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My crew and I had a blast at UniverSoul Circus this week! This Atlanta-based but internationally renowned big top show is performing at National Harbor through July 31st, and if you and your family would like to see it before it leaves I am proud to offer this exclusive ticket discount for you!

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With this discount, tickets start at just $10 for weekday shows and just $17.50 for weekday evening shows! 

Wednesday July 20 10:30am
Wednesday July 20 7pm
Thursday July 21 10:30am
Thursday July 21 7pm
Friday July 22 10:30am
Wednesday July 27 10:30am
Wednesday July 27 7pm
Thursday July 28 10:30am
Thursday July 28 7pm

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The UniverSoul Circus has been wowing audiences with its traditional circus acts as well as cutting-edge entertainment since beginning in the 1990’s. Founded by Baltimore native Cedric Walker, the UniverSoul circus began as a way to showcase great African-American, African and Caribbean talent and inspire families of all backgrounds. The show has expanded over the years to include international acts from China and Latin America, as well as bring to the ring an important message of unity, love and soul. 

My kids and I loved that the one ring set-up provided a wonderful view of the acts. Every seat in the house is a good one, for a lower price than even the cheapest nosebleed seats at stadium circuses. We loved the party atmosphere, with everyone in the crowd encouraged to clap, dance, hit massive bouncing balls, take selfies with clowns and be a part of the action. Alice is in a stage where she wants to be on her feet dancing at all times (even in church, choreographing “lyrical dances” in the pews?) and thus she was in heaven shaking her booty all night long.

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Eve adored the trained dog act of poodles jumping, dancing and acting adorable. Charlie enjoyed the magic show, and although we claims he understands how the tigers came to appear out of nowhere in floating cages, I do not believe him.

We all were thrilled by the motorcycle stunt riders, the Wheel of Death and other acrobatic acts, as well as the awesome dancing and comedic entertainment. It’s a great night out!

Frugal foodie mom tip: Take the family out to eat in at a National Harbor restaurant before or after the show. The concessions are not the greatest and not cheap, stocking unremarkable hot dogs, funnel cakes, sno-cones, popcorn. Due to the hot day, we were allowed to walk in carrying our own sealed, see-through water bottles from home.

I hope you too enjoy the show!

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My family and I received review tickets. No additional compensation received. 

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