Is it time to improve our house?


The A Parent in Silver Spring crew have been living in our 1970 split-level home since 2009. Bought from the original owners, we have been steadily working to update the house as much as we can each year.

But our list of necessary and desired improvements? It is still pages and pages long.


Air conditioning unit that needs replacing? Gulp.

Original pink tile and fixtures in the guest bathroom? Check.

Cracked tiles in the kitchen? Yup.

Drywall lines in the living room? Jeesh.

“Finished” basement so ugly it is only used for storage and looks like a horror movie set? Cringe.


Like so many families, our home is our largest investment, and thus we are constantly evaluating the costs and benefits of renovations and upgrades. According to a survey this autumn by Capital One, 45 percent of homeowners in the DC area plan to renovate their home in the next two years.

Taking out a home equity line of credit is an option that we utilized in our first house, a 1950’s Cape Cod that we knew we would sell after a few years. That home, also purchased from the original owners, was in need of renovations that were essential for us to put it on the market for a profit. We are considering this route again in order to once and for all complete our to-do list on the current house.


More than half– 57 percent– of homeowners surveyed in the DMV have not taken out a home equity line of credit or loan, but 76 percent of homeowners indicated they would renovate areas of their home if they had better financial means to do so. (Raising my hand here!) 13 percent of homeowners say they have not pursed a home equity loan because the process is confusing, 10 percent indicated the rates or fees are too high and 10 percent expressed that there is too much paperwork.

The folks at Capital One Home Equity are working to make the home equity credit process simple and smarter. Capital One’s process allows us to easily learn more about and apply for a home equity line of credit with the flexibility to withdraw what is needed for our home renovation projects. I have not personally used Capital One’s home equity products, but I am exploring their current rates. We can obtain a customized rate offer and estimated loan amount with no impact to our credit scores. We can even begin the application process – it’s simple and there are no fees.

Who’s with me on getting that cracked tile out of the kitchen? Visit, call 855-446-9656 or stop by any Capital One branch location for more information and to get started today.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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