Concussions Are Treatable (So Is Parental Concussion Anxiety) #ReThinkConcussions

This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Motherhood on behalf of UPMC.

The first time I worried that one of my children had a concussion was way back in 2004 when my first toddler (not a UPMC patient) took his very first tumble on the stairs. Every year since, as my three kids have lived their healthy, free lives full of falls, spills, sports, swings, surf and more excitement, the concussion concern has been present. It gnaws at the back of my brain during every basketball game, backstroke heat and mountain bike adventure, even as I cheer my kids on.

Concussion is a fear-loaded word that keeps us parents anxious. But admittedly, I have not always been 100 percent clear on exactly what is a concussion. I had “concussion anxiety”, but not all the facts.

UPMC is working to help parents learn about concussions and concussion treatment through their ReThink Concussions resources. They are working to educate parents, athletes, coaches, and healthcare professionals about the signs and symptoms of concussion and the best approach for treatment. They believe that if we are equipped with the right knowledge and understanding of this complex injury, we can help athletes find the right treatment and ultimately get them back in the game.

UPMC points out that no two concussions are alike; they are complex injuries that present with various symptoms. Every individual will experience concussion differently, and that is why customized treatments are essential.

Another important item I learned from UPMC’s ReThink Concussion resources is that concussions are treatable, and with the correct treatment, patients make full recoveries. This story of a young soccer player’s treatment and recovery, and her father’s process as a parent, resonated with me.

I am bookmarking the ReThinkConcussion page and sending it to my fellow parents. This information and these resources are essential this fall sports season and onward.

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