Teen Bedroom Upgrade: New Full Size Mattress from Tomorrow Sleep

Here’s a bad mom confession: Charlie turns 14 next month, but was still sleeping in the IKEA twin bed we purchased him when he was three. The mattress sagged and Charlie’s adult sized legs and feet hung over the end.

Parenting fail!

And the thing that this teenager craves most in the world after days spent at school and sports? Happy sleep.

So when Tomorrow Sleep contacted us about reviewing some of their holistic sleep system products, we were all in. Designed to improve lives through sleep science, Tomorrow Sleep offers an array of sleep system products to help people get a better night’s sleep.

From our research, Tomorrow Sleep provides one of the best hybrid mattresses out there. Their memory foam hybrid mattress is designed to adjust to the sleeper’s body temperature and provide support.

The hybrid construction, available in either medium soft or medium firm, combines cooling high-density memory foam with a breathable, supportive coil system that allows the sleeper’s body temperature to drop the two degrees necessary to enter a state of optimal sleep.

But all of that sleep science information was second to the feedback Charlie provided us, “BEST SLEEP EVER! I am so comfortable!”

Parenting win!

We chose for Charlie the Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress in medium firm in the full size for his growing teen body.

Want to get $150 off any $500 purchase of your own Tomorrow Sleep products? Use code SS150 when you shop TomorrowSleep.com (Expires 12/31/17.)


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