Find Your Ben’s Run by Clare Goldfogle

This piece is by Clare Goldfogle, who with her family founded Ben’s Run in honor of her son Ben.

While running one day in 2010, my friends and I had a serious discussion about what it would take to create our own neighborhood fundraising run in memory of my son, Ben, who had recently passed away. Could we pull off a run? Would anyone participate? Could we raise any money to help fight this horrific cancer that took Ben’s life? All good questions that only raised even more questions the more we seriously thought about it.

Fast forward eight years, we are about to host our 8th annual Ben’s Run on April 14th. This is due in no small part to a small army of volunteers who come together every year to make it happen, and outstanding individuals, organizations, and businesses who participate in some way — running, walking, writing checks, or donating products or services to our silent auction. About 1,000 people of every age and athletic ability register for the run each year. After seven years, our run is poised to surpass $600,000 in total funds raised.

Our dollars directly fund clinical trials at Children’s National where Ben was treated. These trials are working to detect cancer relapse at its earliest stage so it can be properly treated giving some very, very sick children a chance at a healthy life. Ben passed away after relapsing twice with leukemia and these trials are focused on kids just like him – kids, who without this cutting-edge research, would have little hope for a cure. Learn about the impact of the clinical trials Ben’s Run has funded. 

It’s our absolute joy to know that 20+ children are now enrolled in our clinical trials. That we can have an impact on even one sick child who won’t have to endure what Ben endured is beyond measure. Organizing Ben’s Run has been a labor of love, and the greatest privilege of my life.

Our volunteers feel passionate about our cause, too. While some of our more recent volunteers didn’t even know Ben, all of them know that cancer could affect any one of their kids or someone’s else kid at any time. Volunteering to support our run means that they can have an impact on someone else’s health. In our case, it’s a child’s life. What could be more important than that?

I challenge you to find your Ben’s Run and make the time to get involved. The compassion, joy, and multitude of other BENefits that the experience will bring to your life will astound you. Your hands will be busy and your heart will be full.

To learn more about Ben’s Run and how you can support our race on April 14, please go to Thank you.

A Parent in Silver Spring encourages every family to register for Ben’s Run and support this fight to end childhood leukemia. Our family is volunteering and running the race…please join us! 

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