Voice Lessons at Guitar Center: Tween and Teen Musical Discovery This Summer

This summer, my two oldest children children are venturing into the world of musical theatre summer camps. Charlie (14) and Eve (12) will be participating in musical productions for the first time, and as a parent, I am looking forward to seeing their confidence grow. I am also delighted at the prospect of the fun they will have and the new friends they will make.

Of course, a key element in my kids’ summer camp activities will be performance singing, and while they are excited, they are also nervous. They like to sing, but they have only had the standard school choir “music special” training and a couple recent voice lessons. The two voice lessons they had informed their voices and inspired their desire to learn more about singing.

So when The Motherhood Inc. and Guitar Center reached out to me to see if I had any children interested in reviewing the voice lesson offerings at Guitar Centers, it was either the best kind of coincidence, or divine intervention. Charlie and Eve are scheduled to have a voice lesson each next week at the downtown Silver Spring Guitar Center location.

I was not aware until recently that Guitar Centers offer lessons beyond guitar! But their musical lesson menu not only includes guitar and bass, but vocal lessons, drums, keyboards/piano, recording software/production and a full suite of band and orchestra instruments. All of these services are offered at the Downtown Silver Spring Guitar Center location, as well as many other DC-area Guitar Centers.

Both Charlie and Eve played instruments in 4th and 5th grades (snare drum and flute, respectively) but now they are turning their attentions to theatre and choir elective interests. It is empowering for them both to know that they can receive instruction that will help them perform their best, and that singing is not a gift simply bestowed upon the vocal chords of the lucky. Just like they used to practice their instruments and improve, they can receive professional guidance on how to practice to improve their voices.

As a mom, I’m so happy that they are interested in a musical extra-curricular! From what I have read about education and parenting, music education complements all aspects of their academic success, from ELA to STEM and more subject areas. Summer, when their math-English-Spanish-science-history homework takes a hiatus, seems like the ideal time to turn up the music. If you as a parent are looking for a musical lesson program for your own kids, look into the Guitar Center near you. Guitar Center is one of the largest independent music educators in the U.S.

I’ll be posting here soon about Charlie and Eve’s experience with their voice lessons at Guitar Center. In the meantime, learn more by following Guitar Center on Instagram and Facebook.

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