Perfect 4th of July Weekend Staycation: Gaylord National Resort SummerFest

Seeking to go somewhere fabulous with the family for 4th of July weekend, but want to skip the excruciating holiday traffic? Head to our family’s go-to vacation spot right in the DMV, Gaylord National Resort, for a SummerFest staycation!

Gaylord National Resort is offering reduced room rates June 30 through July 7, which allow you to book a night for as low as $129! There is also the amazing SummerFest package that starts at $299 but include big savings that make that weekend getaway more affordable: a $100 resort credit to use for the on-site restaurants and spa, two tickets to The Capital Wheel and free parking!

Why our crew loves a stay at the Gaylord National Resort in summer: 

Aquafina Summer Movie Matinees: Overnight guests enjoy musical movie magic by the pool during Gaylord National’s Summer Movie Matinees featuring films that include Sing, National Treasure and Moana. The indoor/outdoor pool and splash pad has the movies, kid-friendly pool and fountains for the kids, and a full bar and lots of lounge chairs for mom and dad.

Music Mystery Scavenger Hunt: This free activity encourages guests to search for hidden musical notes throughout the Gaylord resort’s atrium. Upon finding all the notes, guests can decode a song title and enter to win an overnight stay.

Awesome Restaurants: From a big brunch buffet to National Pastime Sports Bar & Grill with its Extraordinary Kids Menu, the dining at Gaylord National Resort is top notch for all ages.

Americana: The nightly atrium laser light show at takes place in the resort’s garden atrium to celebrate the music of America throughout the ages. During the show, viewers experience samples of some of America’s favorite tunes choreographed with a laser light show and dancing water from the resorts signature fountain.

More Fun at National Harbor: There are so many fun activities for families at National Harbor — check out our favorites in this post!  We also love the Urban Pirates National Harbor Cruise, check that link for our review.

And if you are considering a couple’s getaway or date night at National Harbor, check out these offerings at Gaylord National Resort: 

Sips and Sounds: Belvedere Lobby Bar on Friday July 1 – Visitors to Gaylord National can unwind with drinks, live music and breathtaking sunsets overlooking the Potomac River with music performances range from Jazz, Adult Contemporary, R&B and more.

Silent Disco Party: Pose Rooftop Lounge, July 1, 2 and 3 – Resort guests can experience the coolest new way to enjoy music at the resort’s 18th floor rooftop lounge. Participants are given special headphones to wear and can select different music mixes created by a DJ to dance along to. This is for guests 21+.

Happy summer!


Nava Wellness Diagnostic (+ Free Treatment for You!)

I have always wondered if I should give up gluten. Or dairy. Or eggs. Am I sensitive to these food types? I have given them up for weeks on end in the pursuit of wellness, but could never be sure if the effects made a difference in how I felt and looked.

And I have wondered about my thyroid, iron levels and hormone levels. My general practitioner says that I am overall in great health, but could I truly be better?

I have a cabinet full of vitamins and supplements. Whenever I read a book or an article lauding the health improving powers of a vitamin, I purchase it, take it for a few weeks…and gradually stop regular use. Which vitamins do I really need to be taking?

I know that so many busy parents wonder like this, but it is so easy to keep pushing ourselves to the bottom of our lists, as these health wonderings they seem like hard questions to answer.

That is why I was enthused to visit my local Nava Health and Vitality Center to review their Wellness Diagnostic services. Nava’s advanced Wellness Diagnostic services seek to reveal the underlying cause of your symptoms. The wellness diagnostic includes an adrenal function profile, micronutrient panel, food sensitivity and intolerance testing, and more.

I had heard about Nava Health from friends who had also undergone the Wellness Diagnostic, and I was eager to do a deep dive into my own personal health. I walked in the door of the North Bethesda Nava, located in the Pike & Rose shopping district, and was transported to a serene getaway in the midst of the urban cool.

I met with Kara Kelly, N.P. who immediately put me completely at ease. She explained the Nava philosophies and balanced integrative approaches to total wellness. She discussed how the information that Nava obtains in the Wellness Diagnostic is much more comprehensive than standard doctor’s office tests. We talked about my health concerns, which I always worried were pretty minute and standard for mothers my age, but Kara took completely seriously. From my acne, to my anxiety, to fatigue, to desire to lose weight, we talked about my seemingly healthy body that could use some fine tuning.

Kara was calm, open and extremely capable. I felt excited that I was going to have those “Am I still anemic? Am I gluten intolerant? Is my thyroid borderline slow?” questions answered…finally! After the consult, I headed to blood draw. The phlebotomist was a total pro, and the drawing of blood was quick and painless. We then set my follow up appointment for two weeks later, after the all the results were in.

The first words out of my mouth were, “Should I be gluten free?” and Kara laughed. We first went over my comprehensive metabolic panel results, and I was delighted to learn that most all of my nutrients were in balance and at the correct levels. The only vitamin I was low in was vitamin D, which is easily remedied (and I already possessed in my bloated supplement cabinet!).

We went over my thyroid panel, and all was working well. It felt great to wipe that wonder/worry off my list. We then went over my correct blood count with auto differentials results, and again it was a relief to learn that my results were fantastic…with no anemia! As someone who had been taking annoying (and constipating) iron supplements, wondering if I was tired due to anemia, this was a great information to receive.

We dove into my food sensitivities panel, which revealed the most surprising results: no allergies to gluten, dairy, eggs or the usual culprits, and no severe food sensitivities at all! It was so enlightening to realize that while processed white flour is never a good idea, I have no larger health reason to avoid gluten. The tests did find that I have a moderate sensitivity to coffee, which in hindsight makes total sense. When I am not drinking coffee, my skin is clearer and I am not as anxious, even though I tend to pour more coffee down my throat in tense times. Since receiving the results I have cut out coffee completely and feel so much better, and my skin is clearer, too.


The most telling portion of my diagnostic was my hormone results. Kara stated that she believed that I had adrenal fatigue, based upon the symptoms I had shared with her and my high DHEA-S level. She diagnosed this imbalance as a reason for my irritability and anxiety, and fatigue in the afternoons. She called me “wired but tired” and suggested some tools to help recharge my adrenal glands. The first step was an adrenal function supplement she recommended that Nava carried, and the second step was acupuncture. I made an appointment for an acupuncture treatment one week later.


I arrived for my acupuncture wound up and worried about work, acupuncturist Rachel made me feel at ease. I lay on the comfortable table in the spa treatment room, with relaxing music and smells making it feel very massage-like. As she evaluated my pulse, we spoke of my goals for less anxiety and my adrenal fatigue results. Then she went to work with her teensy needles. I am a fan of acupuncture, but it had been several years since my last treatment. I immediately fell into a relaxed fog that carried through the entire hour, and then the overall calm feeling followed me into my week. I definitely want to go back!

Acupuncture Therapy is one of the included treatments for NavaPreferred. The monthly cost to be a Preferred Client, $89, is essentially paid for by the free therapy you receive each month. You can choose acupuncture one month or massage or life coaching or other integrative, holistic health treatments the next. You also receive deep discounts up to 40% off on many other services and products. For instance, the comprehensive Wellness Diagnostic testing I received is $345, but discounted to $275 for Preferred. Acupuncture, massage, chiropractic therapy, facial peels and other treatments are regularly $140 each, but marked down to $89 for NavaPreferred.

Nava Wellness is currently offering a super deal for A Parent in Silver Spring readers: When you book a Nava Wellness Diagnostic, you can receive a complimentary therapy of your choice! Just call 1-800-762-6282 or your local Nava Wellness center and mention “A Parent in Silver Spring” or “Jessica McFadden in order to receive the free therapy with your Wellness Diagnostic purchase. 

I received a Wellness Diagnostic and a therapy of choice for review. 

Soccer Summer Camp with DC Way: Win a Week of Free Camp!

Your summer prayers are answered:

Local treasure DC Way is offering seven weeks of Summer Soccer Camp! Developed for boys and girls ages 5-14, the number one goal of DC Way’s soccer camp is that campers have a blast, as the coaches believe players learn best when they are having fun. DC Way uses simple and engaging games to challenge players and teach them essential skills. The program is for anyone at any level: true beginners, kids who have come in and out of soccer lessons and leagues, and experienced soccer students.

Parents Voted DC Way Best Summer Camp & Best Sports Coach 

DC Way’s coaches say, “Even without ever playing before, we guarantee your child will enjoy our camp.” Local parents overwhelmingly agree. Washington City Paper‘s Best of DC reader poll just named DC Way Soccer the Best Summer Camp! And DC Way’s Founding Coach Denis Chekuristov won the award for Best Sports Coach, too.

DC Way aims to help campers discover and learn the game of soccer, develop and perfect essential skills and have a amazingly positive experience summer enrichment experience. The camp’s skills work focuses on speed, footwork, one-on-one moves, creativity, vision and confidence.

Full Day, Half Day and Single Day Camp Options 

The 2017 DC Way Summer Camp location is on Capitol Hill at John Tyler Elementary.  You can choose between either a full or half day schedule for camp. The full day schedule goes from 9am-3pm and the half day from 9am-12pm. A week of full day camp is $240 and a week of half day camp is $154.50. You can also sign up for single days at $61.80 per day. 4th of July week is shortened to Wednesday-Friday, and thus fees are reduced to $195.51 full day and $106.49 half day.

Select your DC Way weeks and register now!

And be sure to enter the giveaway for a free week of half-day summer camp with DC Way!

Free Half Day Week of DC Way Soccer Camp

Free Half Day Week of DC Way Soccer Camp

Summer Ideas for Free Fun: Guest on WTOP’s Every Day is Kids’ Day Podcast

I had the pleasure of joining the Every Day is Kids’ Day podcast, hosted by WTOP’s Rachel Nania. As two working moms who strive to be engaged and make memories with our kids, we both had a lot of fun with the subject matter, and we brainstormed and researched some ideas for YOU.

From library summer programs to how to find a new park to the best ways to let the kids splash in their suits without worry, we covered a slew of options in the DC area for summer excitement you can find right in your neighborhood.

Read the article and give the Every Day is Kids’ Day podcast a listen.

Listen to all the podcasts in the the Every Day is Kids’ Day series! Travel with kids, summer camp tips, road trips and more great parenting information is covered, featuring some of my favorite DC parents as guests, like Guiomar Ochoa of Cosmomommy.

Please forgive basic PhotoShop skills – I forgot to take a pic when I was in the studio. 

OMG Best Ride EVER: Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I had the chance to attend the Pandora: World of Avatar dedication and press preview of this new 12-acre section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Start here: Read my full overview of the new the Pandora: World of Avatar world at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

In the new ride Avatar Flight of Passage you fly on a banshee while your soul is transported to a Na’vi Avatar matched to you. It is such a realistic and high-tech 4-D flying simulation that within the ride you truly believe you are flying. It is the single most beautiful, thrilling and fantastic theme park ride I have ever ridden.

Avatar Flight of Passage is more believable, joyous and exhilarating than any ride you have ever taken, and it is fun for all ages! I rode with children and grandparents alike and everyone loved it. No roller coaster fear is activated, as you technically do not leave the ground.

But let me back up, because before you even get to the ride itself you are already going to have to pull your jaw off the luminescent floor.

First you get to immerse yourself in the gorgeous natural landscape of the Pandora floating mountains. You cross a rope and vine bridge over a waterfall and more otherworldly blooms and plants than your imagination could conjure. Then you enter the formal ride queue within caves with Na’vi paintings, crafts and totems.

It’s so cool. After walking through the world of the Na’vi you enter the Alpha Centauri Expeditions lab, located within a dark luminescent forest.

The lab is where they create the Avatars that can interact on the moon of Pandora. It feels as authentic as the Avatar film and also harkens to the DHARMA Initiative on Lost.

Feel yourself getting into it? Dive into the storytelling at 

Here’s a video courtesy of the Walt Disney World press room of the lab experience.

Then you enter into a chamber in which a video of a very believable young scientist explains how you will be matched with an avatar to which your consciousness can enter in order to fly on an ikran, or banshee. This interactive experience uses motion detectors, film sequences and other personalized tech to show you your chosen avatar and prepare you for the experience.

Then you pull on your 3-D goggles, climb onto your simulator chair…and fly! The screenshots and the POV video below do not do the ride justice. It was filmed with someone’s phone, it is not in 3-D and it is without the complete sensory experiences combined. The flight does not look animated at all when you are within the experience. When you fly over Pandora’s sea, you can feel the wind in your hair just as if you were truly flying. Real spray mists your face when your banshee skims the water or passes through waterfalls. You can smell the fresh green grass and clean earth below.

The key element to the realism of the ride is the banshee flight simulator motorcycle-style chair. Without over-shoulder constraints your body is free to move much like when you are on a horse…or like when the Na’vi and Avatars atop their banshees.

You just HAVE to get to Disney’s Animal Kingdom this summer to ride Avatar Flight of Passage. It’s a life changer!

Super cool early summer deal for those visiting Pandora: Every night now through July 4th, guests of select Disney Resort hotels can enjoy “Extra” Extra Magic Hours in Pandora, The World of Avatar from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM through 4th of July 2017. These “Extra” Extra Magic Hours benefit is in addition to the Extra Magic Hours already available to Disney Resort hotel Guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. Learn more.

I was a guest of Walt Disney Resort for the Pandora press opening. No monetary compensation received. All opinions are my own. 

Mommy and Me Eyewear from Visionworks

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. Kate and Charlotte. Lisa and Zoë. Reese and Ava. Kate and Suri. Michelle and Malia and Sasha.

Mother daughter teams with style are so much fun to follow in entertainment and social media. At 11 years old, Eve is not yet flipping through magazines, but she is becoming more interested in style choices and trends. Which thrills my fashion interested mama heart! The two of us had a blast trying on eyeglass frames from Visionworks that embraced mother-daughter style.

Our first twinning try-on were tortoise Chelsea Morgan frames with blue, summery sides. I liked the combination of elegance and fun in the women’s version, and Eve thought the bright aqua sides on the Chelsea Morgan kids’ frames made them more playful than an all-tortoise style.

Next we tried the Vera Bradley classic tortoise frames for women and girls. I loved the sleek styling and subtle colors on the sides and ear pieces. But Eve and I both flipped for the secret very-Vera patterns on custom cases and on the insides of the frames.

These patterns and touches make the frames feel even more special, especially for the Vera Bradley eyeglass frames for kids.

Next Eve and I tried on Visionwork’s Chelsea Morgan frames in shades of pink. The last time I wore pink glasses frames was in the 1980’s, when I was Eve’s age! After decades of black and tortoise, these hot pink metallic frames were an eye opening change. Eve’s tried a Chelsea Morgan kid style with a black retro front and purple-patterned sides. We both felt daring and cool.

Now, which one would we choose to wear for everyday???? Thankfully, we do not have to choose, because Visionworks currently has a Buy One, Get One deal at no additional cost. So we can either each pick a frame as a mother/daughter team, or we can each choose one pair and another spare for style options!

Of course, we couldn’t leave Alice out of the act! Alice and I chose Visionworks GUESS sunglasses to get our mommy and me twinning on. Both the women’s and kids GUESS sunglasses are full of glamour and good vibes for summer. Alice has been proudly sporting her big girl shades at every opportunity, and I have to admit that I have as well.

These eyeglass choices? They are just the tip of the iceberg. Visionworks has so many fashion-forward frames to choose from. Whether you are filling your prescription for near- or far-sightedness, for progressives, reading or sunnies, Visionworks has HUNDREDS of choices, both online and in-store. Visionworks offers eye exams and accepts hundreds of insurance plans. Check out their special offers and big discounts at!

This post was sponsored by Visionworks. All opinions are my own. 


Pandora: World of Avatar OPEN at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Think of the worlds that Disney parks have taken us to.

The Asian kingdom of Anandapur in Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with crumbling ruins, a Yeti-dwelling mountain train and Tibetan prayer flags.

The Cadillac Range Mountains and Route 66 Americana retro charm at Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure.

The fairytale-come-to-life realizations of Beast’s Castle, Be Our Guest Restaurant and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Now, multiply that feeling those previous “lands” gave you by about a million and you will come close to anticipating the experience you will have when you walk the alien moon of Pandora on your next visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. This brand new land opened May 27 and allows visitors to explore the world created in James Cameron’s 2008 film Avatar (and its upcoming four sequel films which will be released in 2020, 2021, 2024 and 2025).

I had the chance to attend the Pandora: World of Avatar dedication and press preview this week, and I am still processing the complete genius of this new 12-acre section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Every rock, plant, flower, FLOATING MOUNTAIN and detail in Pandora’s Valley of Mo’ara truly makes you feel as if you are on another planet.

The cast members all speak the Na’vi language, and their Disney badges state their home planet of Earth, as opposed to the standard badge locators of city, state, country or college. There are no signs directing you to the attractions because you are on a planet that is not ours. At night, the entire land glows with bioluminescence.

To get into the complete Disney + Cameron imagineering experience, here is the story you enter when you cross the bridge into Pandora: “For the first time ever, Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) has made it possible to explore Pandora, offering unique expeditions and previously unimaginable possibilities in interplanetary adventure travel.”

On this alien moon is also the Pandora Conservation Initiative (PCI), a collective of scientists, xenobiologists and conservationists. The PCI researches every aspect of this mysterious and alien world and also restores the Pandora ecosystem from the irresponsible mining and environmental damage of the Resources Development Administration, which we learned about in the Avatar film.

Basically, you get to pretend that you are a Richard Branson type who has paid to experience interplanetary tourism, and the blue native people of Avatar happily welcome you (attack free!) to their amazeballs gorgeous world. “It’s set a generation after the world Cameron created,” says Disney Imagineering creative executive Joe Rohde. “We’re at peace and welcomed by the Na’vi to learn from them.” Rohde was the chief creative of the Pandora design and construction, and he and his colleagues truly created an unforgettable and transformative experience.

In the coming days I will be sharing with you in detail the new experiences that Pandora: World of Avatar offers visitors to Walt Disney World. These experiences include….

Valley of Mo’ara: Overhead are the floating mountains that will dazzle you. They do not look like theme park design. You are really on another planet, as far as your brain and eyes are concerned. You will see massive exotic plants with which you can interact. Na’vi drums that children and visitors can play. Na’vi totems and cultural items throughout. The waterfalls, bridges, plantings and every single detail is either completely alien-natural, Na’vi-constructed or Alpha Centauri Expedition-branded. There are no Mickeys. You are 4.4 lightyears away, yo.

Avatar Flight of Passage: You fly on a banshee while your soul is transported to an Na’vi Avatar matched to you. It is so high tech 4D you really believe you are flying. It is the single most beautiful, thrilling and fantastic theme park ride I have ever ridden. My friend Jeannette Kaplun of Hispana Global summed it up best, “It’s like Soarin’ on steroids!” Avatar Flight of Passage feels like falling in love while having your best ever flying dream.

Na’vi River Journey: Board a boat and float through the mystical, sacred Kaspavan river. The animals, bioluminescent plants and Na’vi people reveal themselves in this otherworldly family-friendly ride.

Satu’li Canteen: A truly delicious fast casual restaurant, Satu’li Canteen offered the best quick service meal I’ve ever eaten at Walt Disney World (and I always find great quick WDW food!) The restaurant is designed to be a former mess hall from the human staff that were on Pandora in the Avatar film. Now the Alpha Centauri Expeditions peeps have converted it to a place to feed their tourists from Earth.

Pongu Pongu: Parents and kids alike will flip for the refreshments at this Pandora drink stand. Pongu Pongu means “party party” in Na’vi and serves unicorn-like rainbow slushies, frozen cocktails for boozers (I had a couple of these, they were amazing!) indigenous Na’vi beers and sweet snacks you will not find anywhere on else on Earth (or elsewhere in Walt Disney World).

Windtraders: This gift shop is THE place to find your favorite totem from your time on Pandora. Adopt a baby banshee. Purchase the Na’vi ears and headband combo in place of your usual mouse ears. I found the best goodies to take home to my kids at Windtraders and I will share with you all the awesome that I brought home this time, and what I plan to purchase on our next expedition. (Of course, if you would like to get a head start on Pandora: World of Avatar merch, you can shop select items at home now thanks to Shop Disney Parks!)

Colors of Mo’ara: Have your face painted in designs inspired by the Na’vi, as well as purchase Na’vi native attire and toys at this outdoor outpost.

And for kids (and adults) who love taking the Wilderness Explorers challenges while in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora offers new badges to collect!

I cannot wait to share with you detailed descriptions and images of these aspects of Pandora: World of Avatar in the days ahead. Until then, check out for yourself the amazing Pandora cam that allows you to virtually explore the Pandora world, and Ewa ngahu [EY-wah NGAH-hoo], which means Eywa (God) be with you in Na’vi.

I was invited to attend the Pandora: World of Avatar dedication and press preview as a guest of Walt Disney World Resort. 

Cheerios and Walmart: Buy One. Give One.

With grandparents living in three different states and cousins located all across the country, our family is always looking for new and easy ways to show others we love them. That’s why we are loving the Walmart and Cheerios Buy One, Give One way to share the love. All you have to do is buy a specially-marked box of Cheerios at Walmart, find the reward code inside the box, and enter it online. Then you will be able to personalize an awesome e-card to send to a loved one, and they will receive your e-card as well as a prompt to enter their mailing address to receive by mail a VIP coupon for a free box of Cheerios!

There’s nothing like a wholesome bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, and who doesn’t love a brand new box of Cheerios in their pantry? Cheerios are especially loved by our family members who have celiac disease and are gluten-sensitive, so we love this personal and healthy way to show our gluten-free cousins the love with a gluten-free gift.

This fun promotion is good while supplies last and all coupons for the free box of Cheerios should be redeemed before May 20, 2018.

Go to Walmart’s Cheerios page to learn more and starting giving! 


Incredible Mother’s Day Gift: Donation to Capital Area Food Bank In Mom’s Honor

Is there anything more important than honoring the hardworking, sacrificing, loving mothers in our lives? 

Take Agatha Achindu of Yummy Spoonfuls baby food (pictured above, right), who founded her company with a mission to help mothers everywhere healthfully feed their children, and who has spearheaded Spoonfuls of Giving, the donation of 100,000 Yummy Spoonfuls meals to hungry children. She is pictured above at the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB), where she donated hundreds of Yummy Spoonfuls meals that will help so many local families. A mother of three herself, helping other moms through nutrition is her life’s passion and mission.

Take Kirsten Bourne, Marketing Director of CAFB, (pictured above, left) who works every day to ensure that the food bank and its 444 community organizations can provide good, healthy food to our DC, MD and VA neighbors who face hunger and food insecurity. Since becoming a mother this year with the birth of her daughter, her work to serve moms like herself has taken on new meaning.

Take this personal story of two generations of mothers doing all they can to raise their children as single moms by Christel Hair, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement at CAFB. Christel writes, “During my time at the food bank, I’ve met so many women who are working and raising children like I was, but doing it without enough food. And as hard as it was for me, I know it can be much harder.”

This Mother’s Day, we can honor our mothers, grandmothers or other women in our lives with a gift in their name to the CAFB. Our gift will provide meals to a mother in our area who’s working hard to feed her children, but could use a little support. Your gift will provide life-changing food that can make all the difference to her and her family.

Cool presentation factor: When we make a donation by this Sunday, May 7th and check the “honor/memorial” box, a beautiful card with our personal message will be sent on Mother’s Day. And after Sunday you can still make this special gift and an email will be sent to her inbox explaining the impact of your donation.

Give the gift of a Capital Area Food Bank honor gift this Mother’s Day.

Other ways to help the Capital Area Food Bank through food drives and donations.

How to volunteer at the Capital Area Food Bank (bring the kids!).

I am personal supporter of CAFB. This post is not sponsored. 


Montgomery Parks Summer Camps

Make it an active and exciting summer with Montgomery Parks’ Summer Camps!

The summer camps offered through Montgomery Parks have been some of the best enrichment experiences of my three kids’ summers. Led by incredible education experts and caring counselors, my children have had a blast with camps focused on archaeology, basketball, chess, outdoor adventure, dance and art. With full- and half-day options located throughout Montgomery County all summer long, you can easily find the camp (or three) that is perfect for your child.

Some summer camps that I am looking into for my kids….

Week in the Park Camp based at Wheaton Sports Pavilion: Nature walks through Wheaton Regional Park, rides on the Miniature Train and Carousel, tennis lesson at the Wheaton Indoor Tennis facility, ice skating lesson at the Wheaton Ice Arena, a field trip to the South Germantown Splash Playground and daily camp games, songs, arts and crafts and more.

Lacrosse & Field Sports Camp based at Wheaton Sports Pavilion: This full day, five day camp is designed to give your child the opportunity to learn and play Lacrosse and other field sports in a single week.

“Cool” Summer Ice Skating Camp based at Wheaton Ice Arena: This full-day camp is for all, from absolute beginners to up-and-coming ice skating stars.

Totally Tennis based at both Wheaton Indoor Tennis and PBA Tennis Center in Cabin John : Totally Tennis campers will enjoy a positive learning environment that not only builds tennis skills, but also fosters teamwork, self-confidence and sportsmanship. Campers will be divided by age and experience.

Snag your spots today at Montgomery Parks Summer Camps!