Don’t Forget the Diapers: Back to School for Families Facing #DiaperNeed

Back to School Diaper Drive

All compensation I receive from this sponsored post will be donated by me to DC Diaper Bank. The post is sponsored by the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)’s Healthy Mom&Baby through a partnership with Mom It Forward

An Online Back to School Diaper Drive, making a BIG difference in helping struggling families. 

Families in need with working parents barely making ends meet? They need to keep their jobs.

In order to keep their jobs, their babies, toddlers and preschoolers need to attend childcare programs.

In order for the babies and very young children to attend childcare, they need to bring their own diapers to their home or formal care facility. In many facilities, if a family does not provide the necessary minimum clean diapers for the day, the child cannot attend. Then mom or dad cannot get to work.

It is a tough cycle, and we as parents know exactly how expensive are those diapers.

(Think they are pricey at your suburban CostCo? They are even MORE expensive in the corner stores in low-income urban areas, where residents may not have cars or homes large enough to store diapers bought in bulk.)

This back to school season as we stock up on #2 pencils and blank composition books, let’s not forget the diapers for our neighbors in need. I am proud to partner with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)’s Healthy Mom&Baby website, Huggies and the non-profit National Diaper Bank Network to help babies in our community get the diapers they need.


Here in the DC Metro Area, DC Diaper Bank is the National Diaper Bank Network partner serving our District, Maryland Virginia families. In DC, 44% of children under age three live in low-income families. In Maryland the number is 33%, and in Virginia 36% of three-year-olds share this reality. The DC Diaper Bank provides an average of 100,000+ diapers to more than 3,600 families a month. To date the DC Diaper Bank has donated over 2,700,000 diapers to families in need, and this number continues to grow. If you donate $12 to DC Diaper Bank, you will be supplying 2 weeks of diapers to a child in need!

You can also help DC Diaper Bank through their Amazon Wish List. Click here to purchase diapers via Amazon to be sent directly to their location and they will distribute them to the families who need them.

If you live elsewhere in America, you can likewise help by donating through your local diaper bank, which you can find through the National Diaper Bank Network. Find your local diaper donation site

You can also donate through the AWHONN nurses donation portal page. They, in partnership with with Huggies and the non-profit National Diaper Bank Network, are working to help babies in our communities get the diapers they need.

And this school year as you plan your charity drives for your school organizations and clubs, consider DC Diaper Bank as your social good project and charitable recipient of choice! 

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