Accessories to help you look hot or fake it this summer

Surprisingly, the biggest responses I have received on this little old blog have not been on posts about playgrounds or preschools or open gyms. The top two posts for comments, links and overall impressions have been on the closest Starbucks with a drive thru, and my style tips on how to look hot or fake it this summer.

So, I’m going in again and recommending some more style items for summer. This time I’m sticking to ACCESSORIES, because even if buying a bunch of clothes this summer isn’t on your to-do list (um, it sure is not on mine), you can punch up your goods from years past with a few reasonable and rocking bits of flair.

A handbag you love that has room for a few kid items, doesn’t look like a diaper bag, and is under $50. That’s a tall order for a purse! But it is possible to find a stylish, serviceable bag that looks luxe and can go from the playground to date night just by digging out that extra Pull-Up. Here are some great sales on bags that fit the bill:
Surfer girl style and eco-consciousness rule the cheap chic bags at Swell
The has both crocheted knit & leather styles on sale
Kathy Van Zeeland clearance sale at
(Now, if you’re in the market of a high-end bag, I love drooling over the selections at Revolve and

Casual flats for when your pedicure is looking funkaroony
I got a little bit of flack from some readers last time for suggesting that everyone should get professional pedicures in the summer. I sure as heck didn’t mean to get all Marie Antoinette, “Let them have OPI!” on you. Unless I have a special event or the toes are just too ratty to bear, I’m usually contorting into a half lord of the fishes and doing my own darn pedi. Or, I’m faking it and wearing Marc Jacob knock-offs from Urban Outfitters, or cheap ballet flats from Target in pretty fabrics – I swear, they look the same as the ones in the J. Crew catalog.

Cool earrings to transform your old go-to dress or evening look
With swept-back hair and a hint of tan, all you need are some interesting, dramatic earrings for a special event. Lia Sophia has some of the best quality earrings in the $20-$40 range. Check out the silver awesomeness of the Slinky and the Avalon, cool amber stones in the Dolce Vita, gold that doesn’t look old in the Swoon.

Bras for summer styles & the boy-beater trick
Ever since I passed the 30 year mark, I am completely over showing bra strap, but I cannot skip it altogether. For warm weather I rely on two bra styles: front closure plunge for low cut tanks and dresses, and strapless with convertible straps. Both ways give good support without showing a traffic jam of straps and can be used as regular go-to bras all year long. I also like to throw a cheap white or black ribbed “boy/husband” beater tank underneath a strapless or spaghetti-strapped dress for a casual look, eliminating bra strap worries altogether.

Sun hat with an all-around brim. First and foremost, a hat protects the skin on our face for good health. Protecting the face reduces freckling and discolorations, and protecting your hair from the sun reduces salon trips, fading and brassiness. Ditching the baseball cap for a hat in featherweight cotton eliminates sweaty head and the dreaded red neck. I like this chlorine resistant white hat at Coolibar, the maker of the only hats recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, or this straw diva hat by billabong.

Now, in the name of all bossy self-proclaimed style mavens, go forth and feel hot this summer! Enjoy what you’re wearing and enjoy your family and friends a heck of a lot more.

Daddy & Kids

Mannequin photos by Guiliagas on Flickr; beach photo by Mama.


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