Kindness is Infectious: Taking the Kindness Challenge

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Resolutions, scholutions. Professional success, exercising more, denying yourself yummies, getting organized, spending less, saving more…they take tons of willpower and the results takes lots of time to appear. But goals that are easy AND make you and those around you happy, instantly? Bring ’em on! That’s why I’m taking the kindness challenge.

My friend Becky just wrote a post on her friends/family-only blog (by the way, starting a password-protected blog for your loved ones is waaay easier than scrapbooking, uploading a hundred photos to Snapfish or trying to smash an entire year into a Christmas card letter) about kindness. Becky was inspired by the incredible Patience – of Kindness Girl and PBS SuperSisters‘ fame – and Patience’s philosophy of Guerilla Goodness. Becky posted on her blog a random act of kindness that she received from a friend and is now committing in 2009 to perform kindness in return. Becky’s own kindness and support and sweet emails always inspire me, so I’ve caught the fever, am totally copying her and am taking the kindness challenge.

You can too. Just post to your own blog or comment here with an act of kindness you have given or received, and promise yourself you’ll (here comes the cheese, wait for it…) pay it forward. Here’s mine, an act by an angel on earth whom I never properly thanked:

I was at the Beltsville CostCo in the middle of December craziness at noon, and on the way out bought lunch for my two kids. We couldn’t find a seat at the tables and so we were standing dumbly around with slices of pizza and a full cart. Of course, the hungry kids started to whine and cry.

Then a mom WITH A NEWBORN got up even though she wasn’t finished with her own lunch and gave us her table. I tried to protest “Nononono, you have a baby! Sit down and eat, you need it!” but she replied that the baby was her 7th and thus shopping with only one made her feel very relaxed. She insisted and promptly disappeared, we sat down, the kids ate and I was saved tantrum city.

So beautiful mom of seven in suburban Maryland, THANK YOU!

And thanks to all you parents that read this little site. Your kindness whenever I see a comment, receive an email, meet you for a playdate or run into you at an event has made my year.

So what about you? I’d love to hear your own kindness stories in the comments or on your own websites!

Special thanks to Becky, Patience/Kindness Girl and the three SuperSisters for your daily inspiration.


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