Birthday Parties for Your Kids Every Year?

I’m over on Wheaton Patch today talking about our new house policy to only host birthday parties for the kids’ friends every other year, and why this fills me me with both relief and guilt.

I’ve also listed some great places to host your kid’s b-day party this year, oh you GOOD parental units who are going to make your kids’ eyes sparkle with glee, whilst mine cry into their pillows.

Come have a read!

Kid Birthday Party Ground Rules

And the latest Moms Talk topic is on child spacing.  Is having kids close in age a great way to “get ‘er done” and efficient, or stressful when they’re young?  It reminds me of my friend Linda’s website Baby Bunching (and Linda, I hope you chime in on the Moms Talk convo, since you’re an expert!).

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  1. I agree.  We have done a big birthday for my daughter every year but now that we have another on the way, I know that I can’t do two every year.  They are a lot of money and a lot work. 

    Of course, I have felt guilty saying that since I only have the opportunity to throw them 16-18 parties in their life, but I feel stronger about making my kids level headed and grounded than indulging in party hosting.

  2. Lisa R. Betts says

    Your Wheaton Patch article is spot on! Of course the first birthdays were big and we were blessed with both children being born in the same month so we had fun with some big organized combo birthday parties over the years, but with the four year age gap the combo’s don’t fit so easily as their tastes and interests differ more with age. They know that their parents walked to school in the snow with no shoes on 🙂 . So they’ll appreciate a big organized birthday party when it fits the budget for that particular year. Otherwise, they have an immediate family celebration of their choice i.e. restaurant, local tourist attraction, local amusement park (and take a friend), day trip and of course good ole’ sleepovers! Thanks for the article.

  3. I disagree.  But I don’t think that a birthday party for a child has to be a huge event, either.  Kids really just want to play with their friends and feel special.  That doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it can take some time.

    Last year was the first year that I actually paid to have my son’s birthday party at a place.  He is 12.  We did Laser Tag.  We have usually had our parties in one of the local playgrounds or at our house when the kids were really small.  The parks are free to use (we haven’t ever gotten our act together to reserve one of the ones you have to pay for in advance and there are plenty of good free ones).  Then add cake, presents, maybe some games but they have the playground to play on too – instant birthday party!  Also a craft usually, something simple, like having each child decorate a t-shirt with a sharpie marker. 

    Okay, my kids are both summer birthdays so maybe that makes it easier (or not, actually, that’s why we planned my son’s party indoors last year because of the ridiculous 90 degree weather!)

    Last year, my daughter wanted to have a sleepover at a friends house for her birthday.  That was fine with us and we celebrated on her actual birthday at home with the family.

    Everyone has to do what they are comfortable with and children get used to whatever they get, or don’t get.  I think that grounding your children is something much more everyday and having a party once a year is not going to undo what you have worked on all year.  I’m also sure your kids are not spoiled! : )

  4. I think kids should have a party with their friends every year that THEY want to. My kids all have summer birthdays and sometimes its hard to even get 2-3 kids at home at the same time to have a “party”.   It does not have to be a blowout, can just be cake at home… but its important for them to share this day with their friends. It teaches them how to host, send thank yous, plan a party etc.  Involve them in the process, I think they can learn that it doesnt have to match others overdone parties, but its a celebration of THEM.   Every family has to do what is right for them.  We know friends that only have parties every few years, or not at all.  For my kids, I have had one (of varying intensities) every year.  After all .. they are only 1,2, 3, 4, 5, once and the photos of the friends around the birthdy cake each year are their own personal history and priceless in themselves.   I say this as I stress every summer about my 3 parties within a 6 week span.. and just hope that all friends are not on vacation!   just my two cents…. party on!

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