Favorite Pregnancy Products – I Will Survive

OK, that Gloria Gaynor reference was a leetle dramatic, but I’m seriously done with waddling around. I know that I’m blessed beyond belief to be expecting a third baby, an opportunity so incredible and one Chris and I have wanted for a very long time. But pregnancy in the mid (late?) thirties is waaay tougher than in the mid-late twenties. Either that or I have amnesia.

So just in case you’re pregnant too or know someone who is, here are the things I’ve been loving for helping make the endless months til D-day bearable and wearable. All products I bought myself.

Mavi Maternity Jeans from Pea in the Pod – I can’t do maternity jeans with that huge up-to-the-boobs belly panel. I love the fit and supportive belly band on these. And the dark wash. And the light weight. I wear these almost every day.

Long Black Jersey Halter Dress – It feels like pjs, but I’ve gotten away with wearing this to black tie weddings and events. I’m also wearing with a jean jacket and flip flops today for volunteering at my kids’ school and it still works.

Hey Girl, with Ryan Gosling – Hey Girl, when I feel a hormonally fueled rage coming on, I simply head to this site and I can’t help but smile.

Seed Nourishing Body Lotion in Restful Lavender Sage – This is the only perfume and scented lotion that doesn’t make my gag from the scent, and the lavender actually naturally staves off the nausea. This from a chick who puked or heaved every day for five months and no, I’m not exaggerating. I slather it everywhere and love this so much I wrote a post about it over on the Seed site that is 100% true (and I’ve never before been into superduper natural products). They sell this stuff at Whole Foods now too!

Superga Canvas Sneakers – Italiano and cute for spring, they look more stylish and less “I gave up” than wearing my Asics everywhere, and they’re more supportive in the arch than my standard daily no-meeting-today Chucks.

Baby Names World on ParentsConnect – This is my fav online database for baby names. And I love how on ParentsConnect you can create your own Baby Names Lists that other users can vote on and provide feedback. I credit the astute users of PC for talking me out of Alma (too hick), Felicity (too stripper, even though I protested “She’s a martyred saint!”) and Selena (too murdered Latina singer) for Baby Girl.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Maternity/Nursing Bras – When your boobs balloon up, why not just buy them with the nursing contraption built-in for when the milk trucks arrive?  The Elle bras are the prettiest ones I’ve found through three pregnancies, and though they look all lacy and flimsy they hold up for a year or more, even for big boobs that get used for meals eight times a day. I was hoping I’d be transformed into Elle herself circa 1988 in Sports Illustrated, but alas, these are just good bras, not magical ones.

Heidi Klum for Motherhood Maternity Black Leggings – Again with the super models! Why can’t we escape their pregnancy products when we weigh more than pro male athletes? So annoying. But these leggings are comfy, very cheap and can be worn those weeks/months after baby without looking like you’re still in your fat pants.

A Pea in the Pod Lightweight Jersey Tees – These are less than $20, lightweight but don’t show lumps, and the sleeves can be pushed up to the elbows when it gets a little warmer (still covering my ohsosadtriceps, if you can still call them that).

Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven – No, the information in this book did not keep me “skinny” during pregnancy, but I have been called a bitch. The book does however have the straight talk on why it’s really a good idea to stay away from sugar, which is helpful to remember when all you want to do is mow through the Twizzlers and follow it with a big mug of Old Dominion draft root beer. And though I’m not vegan like the authors (or even vegetarian), since I’m always anemic during pregnancy and have a hard time digesting meat due to nausea, Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven does have good info on how to obtain protein and iron from sources other than Ruth Chris.

Moms & Babies on People.com – I confess, I like to keep up with how huge Mariah Carey is getting with her twins, how even Natalie Portman’s chin line is getting blurry and how adorable both Jennifer Hudson’s kid and her newly-small postpartum booty are without being taunted to not click here if I am easily offended.

Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt – My husband was sick of me stealing his crisp from the cleaner’s white shirts to wear over leggings, so I got my own. I even had the tailor take my neck measurement so it looks just-so with the first few buttons open (nope, I don’t do the Annie Hall tie thing, weird) and sleeve measurement so I don’t have to roll up unless I want. Men’s button downs are so much better quality, and when it’s a men’s shirt they charge you $8 less to wash and press. I love how the tail hangs over my butt and belly panels of maternity pants and actually buttons up over my ginormous bump. After baby arrives I’ll knot this over my swimsuit this summer and pair with my can’tzipupnowbutpleasegodlater black satin ball skirt for those fancy events. 

Elle Decor – So I can’t fit into anything in Vogue, or even the Old Navy interpretations of the Vogue stuff. But I can look for a Home Goods knock-off of that awesome pillow and plan how I’m totally going to spray paint that old lighting fixture in my t.v. room to look more like the one in the Missoni family’s summer house. OK, maybe you have real hobbies and daydreams but those are mine. Sorry.

Disclosure: All products referenced in this  post were 100% purchased by me, no p.r. peeps involved. Amazon affiliate links are used. I was compensated as a contributor to the SEED site, however, I was not asked to write about the stuff here on my blog.


  1. Oh, this brings back so many great memories of my own pregnancy. I always battled anemia during pregnancy and remember this giant list of items my midwives gave me. I was cooking dark green leafy things in a cast iron skillet daily. Good luck through the end of your pregnancy!!

  2. OK – that looks totally weird. It wasn’t the anemia that was a great memory. It was the big belly that needed to be compensated for with stretch pants.

  3. The Heidi Klum stuff is great – bought a couple of her shirts for the fall/winter and can’t wait to get a couple of shirts to get me through to the end for spring! and i think i’ll have to go buy those sneakers – god knows i can only wear my crocs so many times! 🙂  hope youre feeling good!!

  4. Ha, ha, I totally know what you mean!  I look forward to feeling nostalgic for the big belly, rather than lugging it around!

  5. Rachel S. says

    You wore flip flops today?  It was only like 30 degrees out!

  6. Rachel S. says

    But I loved the part where you wished you were transformed into Elle! 

    I don’t ever feel nostalgic for the big belly though.  Ever.

  7. (I wore high heels yesterday and thus am paying the price today. Besides, I had my extra lbs to keep me cozy warm.)

  8. Susan @WhyMommy says

    And you look totally stylish to boot!

    Speaking of boots, I wish I could find some cute ones or cute black slip ons with decent arch support — I have a great pair of pumas to hold up my aching feet, but that’s it!  Crazy, isn’t it?

  9. Rachel S. says

    Dansko makes good clogs that nurses wear.  Good support and comfy!

  10. Wow, thanks for the props!

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