I Need Your Advice on Baby Products and GIVEAWAY of Baby Bedding!

The last time I had a baby was in 2006...

Hello experienced parents! I know that I’m usually the one bossing you guys around about what to do and what to buy…

but I haven’t had a baby in FIVE years…

and there’s a lot of new stuff out there!

So now I’m turning to YOU for YOUR advice.

And every person who lends their mom or dad expert baby gear opinion will be entered to win a free product themselves: a sampler pack of baby blankets, burp cloths and more from BobbleRoos. BobbleRoos is an online baby bedding boutique run by local mother Renee Sirulnik – an entrepreneurial mom who has always loved sewing and creating things. She sent me a set of soft-as-can-be flannel receiving blankets, burp cloths, a sheet/cover that will fit our Pack N Play and a toddler pillow for our upcoming baby girl. This pack will be great for your baby, or a super shower gift for a friend!

I love love the soft fabrics and whimsical patterns. We received an adorable barnyard animal-patterned blanket, cute monkeys on the burp cloth set, sweet fairies on the play yard sheet and stars on the toddler pillow – all on pink backgrounds that coordinate nicely with our pink and red cherry blossom nursery. I love how the fabrics are cuddly and I feel great that we’re using locally-made, handmade products with our soon-to-be-jailbreaked baby.

UPDATE: The randomly-drawn winner was Lauren P.L.!

OK, advice time – do I need to buy these things? And if you think I do, what’s YOUR favorite brand or model?

(BTW, I have a TON of baby stuff.  We don’t really need anything.  But I’m a shopper, and we’ve wanted another baby for years, and thus I’m VERY VERY stoked to go baby shopping for our daughter!  And we can totally pick up those items we need. This post is a sincere request for help from my online buds and a fun way to host a giveaway of baby swag for YOU! :))

...and the last time I really researched baby gear (well, for myself and not for an article!) was in 2003. Check out Charlie in the Bjorn and how as a new mom I don't think I'm wearing it correctly...this is also before I had my teeth bleached, hello yellow.

Video baby monitor – My sister and sister-in-law had their first babies last year, and rather than trying to translate by ear if my nieces were awake or simply crying out in their sleep, they could check out their babies on a video screen.  But these video monitors are pricey. Should I get one to cut down on false alarm nursery checks, or is my old Fisher-Price Lights and Sounds cordless model going to do the job?

Compression garmet? – I’ll admit it: I read in some horribly addictive tabloid or celebrity gossip website that cheesy celebs (like whichever Kardashian had a kid) wear these medical compression garmets to help their bellies contract back down to pre-baby, pre-poochy size. Does this work?  I’m totally down with wearing Spanx in order to look nicer in my clothing those months after baby, and I know that nursing and time and oh ya, EXERCISE, will help my uterus go back. But does strapping on a special post-baby girdle during the early weeks after baby make it all happen faster?

An extra base in the other car? – The last time I bought an infant car seat carrier was in 2003, so it’s now expired. And boy, have the prices gone up! My mother generously purchased the Chicco Keyfit as a present for new baby girl (thanks Grandma!) and it comes with one base.  Back in the day it was just $30 to pick up an extra base for my husband’s car, and our cars didn’t have the LATCH system so it was a good call to have both bases just stay put as the nice SAFE Kids car seat installers in Montgomery County rigged them in using our seatbelts. But now these bases cost $75 and our cars have LATCH. Can I get by with just switching cars when I do an errand baby-less (which really won’t be that often), rather than purchasing another base, or will I truly want to have both cars equipped to transport baby for fast getaways?

A second hooter hider? – Another cool invention, the hooter hider/nursing cover that allows you to discreetly nurse your baby while still being able to see what you and your kid are doing, came out after Eve. I used to make do when nursing in public hiding under a blanket or pashmina, or I would just brazenly flash everyone around me. (Truthfully, I was way more self-conscious showing my post-baby belly roll than my actual breasts performing their job.) Anyways, I bought a nursing cover, yay me. Do I need a second one? Do they get used and soiled enough that they need to be rotated for cleanings, like bras?

your expert advice enters you to win a gift pack from BobbleRoos!

A UV shield thing for the car seat carrier at the beach/pool? -Do you think it’s important to purchase a special UV cover for the infant car seat, rather than just using a blanket, for when baby passes out in the car seat outdoors?  As my older kids will be on swim team this year and we’ll be hitting the beach for a couple weeks, I’m thinking this is a good idea. But wondering if those shields can possibly really do more than a couple cotton baby blankets….

Breast pump – My Medela Pump in Style is now 7 years old. I’ll be replacing the hoses and plastic parts, but wondering how long your motors have lasted and if the mechanics poop out? BTW, this pump was used very infrequently – I rarely pumped since I was home with the kids. But with two other children and working part-time, I might be pumping more this time. How has yours held up?

Bumbo? – These became popular after my last baby was already sitting well unassisted. Are these necessary, in addition to a bouncy seat and feeding chair? I’ve also heard of some Bumbo backlash, that it impedes development. What do you think? Did you find yours useful?

New Exersaucer – I have an old, basic one that has lost a little spring, but it should fulfill its basic need as an activity center and distraction from mama, right?  The new ones I’ve seen sure have a lot more happening on them. But I remember my kids basically just banging their chubby hands on the toys, gnawing on sections of it, and really only playing in them long enough for me to whip up a sub-par dinner. Wondering if a more exciting one will buy me any extra cooking and kitchen time?


  • Leave your expert parenting advice on whether I should purchase any of those above items, or anything else you recommend that I pick up that has come out since 2006. Share your recommendations in the comments (and either connect via Facebook or leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.)
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  • Share your advice and do your Liking before Sunday April 9 at 8pm when I’ll randomly draw the winner of the BobbleRoos Gift Sampler Set!

Thanks guys!  I really appreciate the advice.

Again, I don’t *need* any baby stuff really. But I’m nesting and can’t resist and have that end of pregnancy victory feeling that just goes hand in hand with hitting Target…thanks for your advice!

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