TLC Parentables: Trying to Bring the Funny & Whoa Baby!

A Parent in Silver Spring has a new post over on Parentables – TLC’s new, awesome parenting website with contributors from throughout the blogosphere and TLC personalities like Michelle Duggar and Kate Gosselin too.

This latest contribution is my very true account of taking the kids for their annual pediatrician visit over spring break. Back in the day I would have come equipped with paper and pen for taking meticulous notes on all the pediatrician’s wisdom and advice, noting their growth percentiles on a graph and also have a list of questions for the doctor based on hours of nighttime reading of parenting books.

But just days away from giving birth and after seven years of these visits, I was too tired, just wanted to get out of there, and knew that our double-well visit was going to be a trainwreck.

And it was.

Please haveĀ  a read!: The Pediatrician Visit – An Annual Family Adventure

Other humor pieces I have contributed to Parentables that I hope you’ll enjoy:

How NOT to Make Mom Friends (BTW, this piece was inspired by all the weird stuff *I* did as a new mom back in 2004 when trying to break into the playgroup scene – please learn from my mistakes!)

6 Early Signs of Labor…Undocumented Until Now! (All the weird, psycho stuff that happens the week right before a small human finally gives up the hijacking of your bod.)

And if you’re a friend of mine on Facebook (won’t you please be my friend? I’m so needy like that!! I also post links to giveaways and free movie tickets there first!) you’ve probably heard that I had the baby on Saturday! She’s beautiful and healthy and we are so in love! I’ll post pics and my crazy, funny, easy and very favorable hospital experience birth story soon, but right this moment my boobs are about to burst and Miss Alice Elizabeth is making hungry baby saxophone sounds….

Thanks for all the support, love and prayers!


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