Focusing on These Three…and A Parent in Silver Spring

Before baby Alice arrived, I was able to work part-time writing places other than this blog without hiring outside childcare. I busted out my assignments while the kids were off receiving their education. And then I worked some more after they went to bed.

Somehow I thought that this could continue with a baby. I would just write during naps and at night. Easy peasy. That would allow me about, oh, 20 hours a week for following my ambitions and bringing home some bacon, right?

Um, yeah. Not happening. Funnily enough, during the sleepy newborn “maternity leave” time is when I was able to continue to bust out assignments. But now that Alice is six months old and ready to rock this town, it was truly time to decide whether I hire outside help or dial back the clicking on my keyboard. I wrote about my decision in my last Mom of a Million Mistakes column on Wheaton Patch.

I feel more centered, less harried and happy with this call. I am looking forward to savoring the time with baby, rather than rushing through our interactions so that I can stash her in the crib for a nap and make my deadlines.

Of course, I will continue to write here at A Parent in Silver Spring Monday-Friday about the awesome offerings available for families and update the calendar. After almost four years, I love working on this website more than ever!

And thankfully you guys are very understanding about all the times Alice needs a walk or a Boynton book marathon or to catch Mr. Gabe for a singalong…because now I’m feeling all self-conscious that today’s blog post is all about ME! ME! ME!, so I am feeling the need to post something for YOU:

When:  Every Friday, 10:00 am.
Where:  Roda Movements, 7003 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD (above Ace Hardware)
Local children’s entertainer Mr. Gabe presents finger rhymes, sing-alongs, and dance music for children, ages 0 to 6.  Tickets are $6 per child in advance.  (No walk-ins, please.)  To purchase, please visit

Alice and I look forward to clapping along with you to Mr. Gabe, as well as around town as we actually get out of the house, off the computer and re-experience all our great area has to offer families.

We’ll keep you posted on our findings and adventures right here on A Parent in Silver Spring.


  1. Not an easy decision for you I’m sure, but it sounds like a good one for you that will allow you to enjoy sweet Alice!

  2. Amy@ A Nest for All Seasons says

    Hi Jessica!  It was great meeting you @ blogalicious!  I’m looking forward to peeking through your blog 😉   ~Amy

  3. says

    Yay for you! Figuring out what works for right now AND making it happen — that’s huge! I loved seeing you and baby Alice this weekend!!

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