Baby Goats and Lambs at Clarks’ Elioak Farm

If you are the type who rushes to the hospital or house to see your family and friends’ newborns, then you really should rush with your kids to see these newborn kids (of the goat variety). We were able to pet one-day old baby goat triplets, as well as cuddle twin baby lambs. And more babies are being born at Clark’s Elioak Farm daily (check their Facebook page for birth announcements). A trip here is an idyllic spring family activity.




Clark’s Elioak Farm and the Enchanted Forest are Now Open!
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10 a.m to 4 p.m. through November 4, 2012.
Tickets: $5.00 per person, no charge for Infants under 12 months. Show  your AAA Card and pay $4.50 for all visitors entering the farm with you. Hayrides, pony rides and the cow train are each $2 extra per person.

My family and I love this place.

Read my full review, and check out more photos from our trip yesterday below.


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