Guest Blogging All Over the Place

This week I took some time to write for some other websites…

I guest posted on ScaryMommy as her Washington, DC family travel expert. There I suggested 10 out-of-the-ordinary tips for exploring the DC area with children, such as how to score an exclusive tour of the White House or how to see all of the major monuments and memorials without constant worry that your car will be towed.

For the DC Urban Moms homepage I posted an original interview of Susan Smith Blakely, the author of the new book Best Friends at the Bar: the New Balance for Today’s Woman Lawyer. Blakely is a veteran attorney with a desire to combat the low retention rates for women lawyers.  Amazingly, I have yet to be ripped apart in the infamous DCUM forums! 

And for Just.Be.Enough, the inspiring group blog of writers who celebrate positivity and self-empowerment, I had the chance to guest interview the incredible speaker and performer Miss Lori.

Don’t forget to read my blog on non-local topics, A Parent in America, if only for the fact that this is where all gift giveaways are happening!

Right now I’m giving away a Walmart gift card, but next week I will offer readers a free carseat, a luxe baby food maker and…

Every week through Hanukkah and Christmas A Parent in America will have at least one fabulous high-end giveaway! 

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