Thank A Teacher Day #ThankATeacher

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. — John 15:13 

When I speak to my elementary school children about their teachers, whether we are discussing ways the kids can improve their behavior after a note has come home or we are simply laughing about something funny the teacher said in class, I always remind my children that their teachers LOVE them. That these wonderful people would do ANYTHING to help them learn and reach their highest potential.

This started when my first child Charlie was in kindergarten and was causing a bit of trouble one day. As his teacher and I gently spoke to him after school about making better choices, I looked in his eyes and told him, “Don’t you know Sister Doreen loves you as much as if you were her own son? We are working on this with you because she loves you, too!” Charlie turned his head to her and she nodded. In that moment, he grasped the importance of the student-teacher relationship, its powerful love.

But I myself did not grasp the magnitude of our little family mantra until Friday.

I know we have all read and watched from the news reports that last Friday teachers and school administrators in Newtown, Connecticut risked and gave their lives for their students. Amongst the horror is the beautiful understanding that these teachers, principal, and school counselor offered and gave the greatest gift.

As’s Ben Brumfield writes,

What the teachers and principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School did for the kids in their care could win a soldier in a war zone a Purple Heart…But the soldier makes a conscious choice to face mortal danger when he or she enlists. Sandy Hook’s heroes did not.

I know that my own children’s teachers, principal and counselor would do the same today. My mother, a fourth grade teacher, would do this for her students, and so would her co-faculty.

Your children’s teachers would do anything to protect your children, too.

So today, Monday, December 17, 2012, blogging parents are taking a moment to thank a teacher. You can too! We can send those  women and men who have lovingly given our children so much an e-mail, a card, a bouquet of flowers. We can sign up to help in the classrooms. We can grab a gift card for an extra-special Christmas gift. Or at pick-up today, we simply look into their eyes and say “Thank you.”

You can also express your thanks on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc. using the hashtag #ThankATeacher and help spread the word on this movement of love and gratitude.

I myself would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Miss G, Mrs. S., Principal F., Asst. P. S., Ms. S., and all the many wonderful teachers who have touched our lives through the years.

May you always be as safe and loved as you keep my children.

Many thanks to Julie Meyers Pron of Julieverse for her leadership and graphics creation.


  1. so glad you participated, spread the word, and took the time to thank your teachers. XOX

  2. patti lalley says

    GREAT job on this post Jess – PS/ Shared this with Sister D and LOVED this post too!!

  3. Sketches are in fact good source of teaching instead of content Washington DC Mom Blog – A Parent in Silver Spring – Washington DC With Kids | » Thank A Teacher Day #ThankATeacher, its my know-how, what would you say?


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