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Partycake Partycake Offers Custom Cupcakes and Party Planning for Kids

I have baked cupcakes for my children’s birthday celebrations with family, schoolmates and friends…usually at 1 a.m. in an I Don’t Know How She Does It fog of exhaustion and martyrdom. Sometimes the cupcakes tasted good, but I am all thumbs with decorating so they usually sported sticky royal icing in bizarre colors. Other times they had a Betty Crock-box chemical aftertaste, but most of the time my kitchen cupcakes were complete flops in both looks and taste.

I have also ordered cupcakes from various places. The grocery store bakery was a hit with my kids for the Day-Glo colored frosting and plastic action figures on top…until the kids took a bite. Blech. The posh cupcake shops delighted the other kids’ mothers (hey, no line!), but the tasteful mint leaves and sprigs of lavender adorning the frosting did not exactly scream childhood fun.

God bless Wendy Borrelli for founding Partycake Partycake, a custom cupcake and party planning business for kids. A Bethesda mother of two, Wendy specializes in custom cupcakes, creating entirely new designs based upon your children’s favorite characters, books, movies…you name it! She will also assist you in planning your child’s unique celebration.


Wendy contacted me and kindly offered to make my children some cupcakes for us to review for the blog. What were Charlie, Eve and Alice’s favorite shows or toys, she asked. I replied that all of the designs featured on her website were gorgeous, but Wendy insisted on creating brand new designs based on their desires.  So I mentioned that my girls were into Lalaloopsy, and my son was a big fan of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books.

As you can tell from these photos, Partycake Partycake did not disappoint.

All of Partycake Partycake’s decorations are entirely edible. That Golden Snitch above? It’s a gold, shimmery gum ball! The entirely true-to-the-movie Sorting Hat? Molded Tootsie Rolls!  And check out how she transformed Twinkies, Smarties and skinny Twizzlers into Despicable Me minions!




This new business is also committed to community outreach. As a special promotion for Partycake Partycake’s official launch, Wendy is donating a cupcake to a homeless child for every Facebook LIKE received, so be sure to visit their Facebook page. Cupcakes will be donated for children’s birthdays to the Greentree Shelter in Bethesda, MD in partnership with the National Center for Children and Families (NCCF).


The price is very reasonable for custom cupcakes, or any cupcakes for that matter. The $55 base price includes an e-mail or phone conversation with the affable Wendy to discuss your unique design needs, the development of your one-of-a-kind design, two dozen amazing creations, and delivery. (Additional charges may apply for complex designs, fondant or out-of-area delivery.)  The party planning rates are also a great deal.

Although my family and I initially found the creations way too beautiful to eat, we quickly got over it.

They were delicious.

The A Parent in Silver Spring crew gives Partycake Partycake 10 enthusiastic thumbs up, and we will be hiring her for the kids’ next birthdays.

Partycake Partycake


Partycake Partycake generously designed, baked and delivered a dozen gorgeous cupcakes for my family. No additional compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


  1. These cupcakes look amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I’m so hungry now…

  3. Wendy is amazing – honestly, I’ve never seen anyone customize cupcakes so perfectly based on a child’s interests. And I’ve seen the children’s theater shows she’s directed, too… turns out her gifts are plenty.

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