GIVEAWAY: GameTruck Party (our family LOVED it!)

gametruck party giveaway

GameTruck was an exciting experience for our kids and their friends

My family and I received an offer from GameTruck of Howard County to host a GameTruck party for our children and 17 of their friends. Although no one had a birthday any time soon, we thought this was an incredible way to celebrate summer.

GameTruck offers a premier party experience in an interactive, multi-player environment that accommodates 16 or more players (the GameTruck Howard County vehicle can hold 20 kids.) Totally self-powered and climate-controlled, the GameTruck trailer was outfitted with comfortable seating, six flat-screen HDTVs, and enhanced sound systems.

The parents and I LOVED how the truck offered these big gorgeous windows that lifted up to create an indoor-outdoor experience. We parents were hanging out outside the window and able to watch the kids play within. KidzBop music played on a sound system, contributing to the outdoor party feel.

Kids can choose from more than three dozen of the latest multiplayer video games and all the major video game consoles such as XBOX360, Nintendo WiiU and Playstation. GameTruck Howard County’s owner Erik Maxwell called me before the event and we discussed which games would be most appropriate for our group of kids age 6-13. We removed all rated M for Mature games and he stocked the truck with sports games like FIFA soccer, Madden Football and group games that would appeal to all ages like Super Mario Kart, JustDance and Minecraft.

game truck in action

It was ridiculously exciting seeing the big green truck pull into our driveway. As our friends drove up and walked over, their kids started jumping up and down and running towards the truck. Although I have been hosting child birthday parties for 10 years, I have never seen reactions like these.

Our party’s GameCoach was owner Erik. He or another GameTruck staff member serves as the Coach and manages each event, promoting fair, interactive play. He helped kids take turns, select games and calmly managed all the children’s wants and turns with complete patience. It was seamless. The other parents and I simply got to enjoy watching the kids play without any moderation. It was heavenly!

I wondered how interactive this party would be for the kids. However, I saw that the children were totally interacting and chatting, sitting right next to each other and enjoying their company. They were bonding and spending more time together than they would at an arcade or in a laser tag maze.

game truck dancing

I also wondered if the experience would make my kids hunger for more video games. Right now in the summer we are limiting gaming and screen time to encourage more outdoor and traditional play. We often talk about taking games out of our home completely, or only pulling our Wii console out for winter parties. But what we adored about the GameTruck experience was that it turned video gaming into a total treat. It became a special occurrence to share with friends, rather than something you do every day, alone, for hours.

And I have to admit, I know the parents, my personal adult friends, were a lot happier to drive a few blocks over to our pad and enjoy some bevies and snacks in our kitchen versus driving a ways to a party location. While the kids played in the GameTruck in the driveway, the parents had our own party alongside theirs.

No food or drink is allowed in the GameTruck, so we had refreshments inside the house. The kids drifted in and out when they needed a lemonade or a cookie boost.

GameTruck is recommended for kids age six years and up. We had several younger siblings at the party and I agree with this age assessment. Most of the kids younger than six simply wanted to watch the big kids, or play with our house LEGOS and yard toys.

The prices for GameTruck Howard County are comparable to other birthday party options: $325 for 2 hours on a week day, $375 for 2 hours on a weekend (prices always subject to change.)

I hope I am explaining adequately how utterly wonderful was our GameTruck experience. I completely, totally recommend!

To book your own GameTruck party with GameTruck of HowardCounty, just call owner and operator Erik Maxwell at (888) 602-4263, on his mobile at (410)370-3455 or e-mail him at You can also coordinate your party on the GameTruck website,

Would you like to win your very own GameTruck party — totally for free?  Here are the giveaway details!

Prize: One (1) GameTruck party.

GameTruck party must be booked for a weekday.

Winner needs to be within a designated GameTruck franchise service area. Check available See locations before entering.

GameTruck party must be redeemed by Dec 31, 2014.

Only one (1) entry per person is allowed.

Only residents of the U.S. that are 18 and older with a valid address are eligible to enter.

The awarding of the giveaway prize is the responsibility of GameTruck.

Interested in entering the GameTruck giveaway? Go here to the A Parent in Silver Spring Facebook page and leave ONE comment on the GameTruck post.

One comment per Facebook account/user.

One winner will be randomly drawn from all Facebook comments on the GameTruck Facebook post on Monday, August 25, 2014 at midnight.

Game Truck group shot


  1. My son would LOVE to have a Game Truck for his 9th birthday!!!

  2. sabrina booth says

    My godson is VERY into gaming as are the majority of his friends. He will be turning 16 soon and as a godmother I have not been able to spoil him like i’d want to. LOL. Nonetheless, Quincy is a very appreciative child , which makes me want to do that much more. I would love to give this as an early Christmas gift. Thank you in advance for your consideration and all that you provide to keep kids in a safe environment and thoroughly entertained.


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