How to Find a Pediatrician in the DC Area with Children’s National

The number one question I receive via reader e-mails is “How do I find a preschool/daycare?”

And the second-most received request I get:

“Help me find a pediatrician!”

These are crucial decisions we as parents make for our kids. And even as someone who spends a ton of time on the Internet, I still find myself confounded when searching for new health care providers.

I know that when I was searching for my first pediatrician when expecting Charlie in 2003, I was most concerned with where the pediatrician practice had privileges. I wanted to make sure that my child’s doctor could come to Holy Cross Hospital, where I was delivering, for that post-birth check-up.

It was also important to me that the pediatrician have privileges at Children’s National in Washington in case any major issues came about. (I was possibly spending too much time reading those new parent medical books and was very freaked about all the things that could go wrong!)

I spent a lot of time on my health care plan’s website, which did not provide a whole lot of help about possible pediatricians and what hospitals they served. At this time in my life I knew only two other mothers to ask for advice: my dear friend Jennifer who lives on the other side of Montgomery County, and my sister-in-law Amanda who lives in Front Royal.

But now it is easy to find a top-notch pediatrician near you.

The easily searchable Children’s National Health System site is a wonderful place to begin your search for your child’s doctor.

Children’s is the DC area’s largest pediatric provider network and can quickly link you to over 100 pediatricians and children’s health specialists. All of those doctors are seamlessly connected to the world-class services and expertise offered by Children’s National, if your child should need. The pediatricians in the Children’s database accept most private health insurance plans, along with Medicaid and managed care.


No matter the age of your child, from still in-utero to an AP-class-taking high schooler, you can find an expert for your child’s wellness visits, same-day sick visits and any other medical issues that arise.

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Get a free children’s book, Dr. Bear’s Big Book of Doctor Words. This colorful, hand-drawn A – Z guide to medical terms shows how getting the best care can be fun for your kids. Children’s will send your family the book, plus handy tips for finding pediatric care in your neighborhood. Sign up here to receive. 

Whether you live in DC, Virginia or Maryland, urban or suburban, I recommend you visit the Children’s National Health System sitein your search for the best doctor for your precious child.

For more tips on how to find a pediatrician, check out Children’s National’s one-page guide, Four Ways to Find a Pediatrician You Love

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  1. Great article! Thanks for sharing this with us—it’s been very informative! I’ve been trying to find a pediatric doctor that I can take my child to. I’ll look into the Children’s National Healthy System site to find a good doctor; thanks for the recommendation! I’m hopeful that my child will like going to the doctor; they’re very helpful!

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