Cotillion Class for Modern Kids – Friday, November 13

Cotillion Class

I have been mulling over the idea for a kids’ co-ed manners party that has elements of the cotillion class model but embraces the diversity, community and modernity that we seek for our kids’ upbringing. I also think that a fun-filled, tween dance take on the whole cotillion and young etiquette thing would be best received by my own modern kids, Charlie and Eve.

So I did it. I called a children’s etiquette leader, Rebecca (Becca) Czarniecki, of Tea with Mrs. B., a children’s etiquette and party expert. Becca is experienced in making manners and conversation skills easy and enjoyable for older elementary – middle school aged children. I told her my vision of an experience that was above all fun for the kids, stressing friendships and social skills without stuffiness. I also explained to her how much my kids and their friends loved current party music and learning the steps at the school dances.

Becca thought this was a wonderful idea and is bringing her expertise on this type of event to Silver Spring on Friday evening November 13 at the Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring. I have signed Charlie and Eve up for this drop-off event (by the way, this is not a business/entrepreneurial venture on my part in any way — I am very happy to hand all the reins over to Mrs. B. and just be a regular old registration-paying parent.) I hope your kids will join mine for this evening to remember.

The registration fee of $65 per child covers an elegant seated dinner (of a kid-friendly menu,) enjoyable etiquette instruction, line dancing with professional instruction by Silvia Beltran Foster and dessert. Children’s food allergy needs will be accommodated.

Mrs. B says, “This will be a night of classic manners with a whimsical spin. I look forward to encouraging confidence in every child to engage in social settings and set the foundation for lifelong manners.”

Please forward to any other parents of kids in grades 3-8 that you believe would be interested. The group will be capped at 35.

Cotillion Class 

Hosted by Tea with Mrs. B
Argyle Country Club
14600 Argyle Country Club Rd.
Silver Spring, MD. 20906
Friday, November 13th
$65 per child
Ages 8-14
(grades 3-8)

Register via PayPal, payable to Tea with Mrs. B. After registering you will be contacted for your child’s information and needs.

or call 202-448-2930 or email to make your reservation or with any questions.
I hope to see your child there!

Disclosure: I brought the idea for the event to Tea with Mrs. B, but I am not involved on a business or profit level in any way. My children’s registrations are paid for by me. 

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