Sledding Hills for Snow Days

alice sledding

If the plow gods have graced your street, enjoy! 

Since beginning this blog I have hoarded lists of hills recommended by other local parents. I have only launched my children and myself down a couple of them. I would just like to say that I accept NO LIABILITY for any injuries incurred. I do know that none of the hills listed dump children out into oncoming traffic. Sled at your own risk, supervise the kiddies, mind the icy roads, and stay safe today!


The hill behind the Silver Spring library leading into Ellsworth Urban Park

Rosemary Hills-Lyttonsville Local Park – The park next to the Gwendolyn-Coffield Community Center

Forest Glen Neighborhood Park

Sligo Avenue Park

Sligo Cabin Neighborhood Park

The hill behind Woodlin Elementary

The hill by Takoma Park Middle School

Woods near Nolte Park


Sligo Middle School’s sports field hills

Indian Springs Park

Long Branch-Wayne Park

The park right by Parkside Headquarters

The hill near Dennis Avenue leading into Sligo Dennis Avenue Local Park

Forest Glen-Dallas Avenue Park (Argyle Local Park) in Four Corners

Pinecrest Park – in Woodmoor

North Four Corners Local Park

Seven Oaks Park


Getty Park

Wheaton Regional

Forest Grove Neighborhood Park – the hill going towards the preschool

Kemp Mill Estates Local Park


Capital View-Homewood Local Park


Stonegate Elementary

Falls Road/Hadley’s Playground in Potomac

The hill behind Strathmore

Do you know of others? Please leave in the comments! Stay warm!

Here for your enjoyment is a video of my mother sledding in our neighborhood. Go Grandma! 

Thanks to JeepMomma for the photo of Alice. 


  1. Pilgrim Hill at intersection of E Randolph and Laurie Drive (colesville area)

  2. Pilgrim hill is a county rec facility: 1615 E. Randolph Road, Colesville, MD 20904

  3. How come this video hasn’t gone viral yet?!? Your mom ROCKS!

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