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Back in 2001, when we were first engaged and dreaming about our future family, Chris and I mused about having a TV-free household.

Fast forward to 2016, and me calling down to 12-year-old Charlie watching Brain Games in our home’s designated TV room to please DVR the Tonys for me because he does a better job.

The reason we were formerly anti-TV for our kids is because it used to be something we remembered from our 1980’s childhoods as being so outside of our parents’ control, and that therefore TV often controlled our lives. We watched whatever the 3-4 networks broadcast into our homes at the times dictated by the networks.

But today, thanks to hundreds of channels, streaming content and time-shifting devices, there is a wide range of high quality and educational content that we parents can choose for our kids. And thanks to new technologies, moms and dads can have a better handle on what, when and how long their kids consume TV.

Last week I had the chance to attend an #XfinityMoms parent blogger media event hosted by Comcast to learn about new home technologies for families. Read on for are the coolest new things that I learned for fellow over-involved parents! 

XFINITY X1’s Kids Zone

XFINITY X1 is Comcast’s latest and most interactive TV technology.  You can search via voice command or quick texting via the wireless remote to search across live TV, On Demand and your DVR library to find exactly what you want to watch. X1 will even make recommendations just for you and give you shortcuts to what you watch most.

Parents can activate Kids Zone, a safe, parent-customized environment for children to browse, shuffle and watch live TV, On Demand content and DVR recordings that are age-leveled and appropriate for kids. Children can safely browse the content that the parents allow them to view, and parents can control exactly how long they can watch it. If as a parent you are not sure about a piece of content, Kids Zone will link you to Common Sense Media so you can access this developmentally-appropriate information and reviews.


Since an attempted break-in back when Charlie was a baby, we never leave home without arming our alarm system, and will always live in a house that has one. But at the #XfinityMoms event, I learned that our current system was way behind the capabilities out there for safety-concerned families. XFINITY Home not only has the 24/7 professional monitoring that can be activated remotely, the current home security standard, but brand new features not available through other alarm systems.

Thanks to the linked XFINITY Home app, homeowners can also get real-time texts and email alerts when doors and windows are opened or motion is detected. This means you can monitor when your older kids open the door and have made it home from school. You can also enable live video monitoring and even adjust your home lighting!

Safety First

Although I am not currently a Comcast user (I was for years when living in DC, then Virginia and downtown Silver Spring), learning about XFINITY X1, Kids Zone and XFINITY Home has my wheels turning about making the jump. I love the enhanced features for families that make safe parenting easier.

Are you using these new functionalities? What do you think? 

Disclosure: I was invited to attend an #XfinityMoms media event where I learned about these new technologies and received a goodie bag including a new tablet. No monetary compensation received. All opinions are my own. 

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