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As a kid, I used to love watching Bob Ross on “The Joy of Painting.” I never got around to convincing my parents to purchase for me the canvases, brushes and paints that he used in order to emulate his happy little trees, mountains and clouds. But recently my Ross-ian dreams came true thanks to a night at Muse Paintbar Gaithersburg with my dear friend Jeep Momma Tammy.


Muse Paintbar just opened its Gaithersburg location at the RIO Washingtonian on July 1st  it has been a roaring success. Tammy and I found out why with a moms’ night out last week of painting a nighttime seascape. It was entertaining and relaxing to simply sit back and effortlessly make a painting. I’m usually the one running around bringing fresh water and newspapers and supplies for my kids’ art making sessions. I loved having the tables turned and spending time creating side-by-side with my friend. There were other groups of friends, both women and men, couples, parents and kids.

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How to get your paint on: 

Scroll through the Muse Paintbar calendar and find a painting that you like at a time that works for you. Then reserve spots online or by phone: 888-607-6873. Classes are typically $35 per person, however Tammy and I chose a Tuesday night class that was $35 plus one beverage of choice. ¡Viva la vino!

You can order food and drinks beforehand and during. Tammy and I enjoyed wine and split some French bread pizza and spinach and feta cheese phyllo bites in lieu of eating sensible dinners with our families.

Muse supplies all you need to create your masterpiece. They provide the canvas, paint, brushes, apron and of course, trained artists to guide your painting. It was easy to hear the lead artist on her headset microphone as she guided us in which brushes and strokes to use, how to blend colors and and more. No prior painting experience other than home crafts with the kids or olden days of finger painting in kindergarten are necessary.


There is a separate, gorgeous room for group events and private parties at Muse Gaithersburg. For group paint sessions, the organizer can choose the painting your group will make and together with your crew you will paint together. This sounds super for showers, birthdays for tweens through adults, team building exercises and parents’ nights out.

Thanks to Muse for inviting Jeep Momma and me for a great night out. No additional compensation received. 

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