Mommy and Me Eyewear from Visionworks

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. Kate and Charlotte. Lisa and Zoë. Reese and Ava. Kate and Suri. Michelle and Malia and Sasha.

Mother daughter teams with style are so much fun to follow in entertainment and social media. At 11 years old, Eve is not yet flipping through magazines, but she is becoming more interested in style choices and trends. Which thrills my fashion interested mama heart! The two of us had a blast trying on eyeglass frames from Visionworks that embraced mother-daughter style.

Our first twinning try-on were tortoise Chelsea Morgan frames with blue, summery sides. I liked the combination of elegance and fun in the women’s version, and Eve thought the bright aqua sides on the Chelsea Morgan kids’ frames made them more playful than an all-tortoise style.

Next we tried the Vera Bradley classic tortoise frames for women and girls. I loved the sleek styling and subtle colors on the sides and ear pieces. But Eve and I both flipped for the secret very-Vera patterns on custom cases and on the insides of the frames.

These patterns and touches make the frames feel even more special, especially for the Vera Bradley eyeglass frames for kids.

Next Eve and I tried on Visionwork’s Chelsea Morgan frames in shades of pink. The last time I wore pink glasses frames was in the 1980’s, when I was Eve’s age! After decades of black and tortoise, these hot pink metallic frames were an eye opening change. Eve’s tried a Chelsea Morgan kid style with a black retro front and purple-patterned sides. We both felt daring and cool.

Now, which one would we choose to wear for everyday???? Thankfully, we do not have to choose, because Visionworks currently has a Buy One, Get One deal at no additional cost. So we can either each pick a frame as a mother/daughter team, or we can each choose one pair and another spare for style options!

Of course, we couldn’t leave Alice out of the act! Alice and I chose Visionworks GUESS sunglasses to get our mommy and me twinning on. Both the women’s and kids GUESS sunglasses are full of glamour and good vibes for summer. Alice has been proudly sporting her big girl shades at every opportunity, and I have to admit that I have as well.

These eyeglass choices? They are just the tip of the iceberg. Visionworks has so many fashion-forward frames to choose from. Whether you are filling your prescription for near- or far-sightedness, for progressives, reading or sunnies, Visionworks has HUNDREDS of choices, both online and in-store. Visionworks offers eye exams and accepts hundreds of insurance plans. Check out their special offers and big discounts at!

This post was sponsored by Visionworks. All opinions are my own. 



  1. you’re looking gorgeous …. thanks For sharing

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