Perfect Quick Treat for Kids to Make Themselves: Perfect Size for 1

Friday was kindergarten orientation at our elementary school. For incoming kindergarten families, this means a lovely day for soon-to-be kindergarten kids and their folks to come meet the teachers, play games, make friends and get comfy with the school while it is in session. For outgoing kindergartner families, this means no school and a mad dash for child care, telecommuting and keeping the children occupied.

So Friday I worked from home while Alice and her buddy Laina played inside, outside and thoroughly enjoyed their day off. Thankfully they did not “BBC Dad” me during any video conference calls, but they did make two, or twenty-two, requests to “bake something!” Sadly, I did not have the time to go full-on Cupcake Wars with them, but I did supervise while they tried out the new Perfect Size for 1 quick and individual cake treats from Duncan Hines.

Alice and Laina both chose the S’mores Cake flavor, and enjoyed using their new reading skills to sound out the steps and do them on their own. I hung around to help reach things and take photos.

All they needed to make their cakes were mugs, spoons, a measuring spoon and about a minute. They poured their individual pouches into their mugs, added carefully-measured water (although the directions say you can get creative with other liquids), stirred and then we heated.

Voila! In just a minute these cuties had a warm, delicious, freshly-made S’mores Cake and I never had to turn on my oven or watch my kitchen be destroyed. I had a bite of Alice’s and it tasted like a bakery muffin: sweet and decadent, studded with chocolate chips and marshmallows.

I could have polished it off with a cup of coffee but then I was unceremoniously kicked out to “go back to work!”  But not until after receiving hugs for “letting us make something!”

Perfect Size for 1 was the perfect treat for Alice’s playdate, and is a quick and easy way to have a single serving of baked delish when you need a cake fix.

This post is in partnership with Duncan Hines and The Motherhood. 

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